Construction Group Service LLC it is an affiliated company headed up by Laurie Esposito President who is an award winning designer artist. Her projects have been future in major magazines such as House Beautiful, New York Times and other major publications. Her art work has been in the Pentagon and Gracie Mansion in NY.

          Construction Group Service LLC is the successor of the Realty Group Organization (3 generations) that is responsible for the development and marketing of over thousand homes in numerous projects thru out Long Island from Roslyn to the Hamptons.

          Construction Group Service LLC arrange project management services and construction thru it experience staff of licenses and insure contractors, from the planning, to execution, to the finishing of the project. Our clients include other major developers, bank institutions such as Bank of America, J.P Morgan Chase and many others.

          Whether it’s to finish an existing project, or design and build, or build out a new condominium, or even stage your house for sale. Constructor Group Service LLC is the professional and affordable way to get done.

Contact Laurie Esposito, President at (631) 433-0690.




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